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Looking at a photo from my collection. Subject to change at random intervals.

The “Humorous Side” in the Lives of the Jobless

Breadline Frolics, Chicago Illinois, 1936

The “Chorus” of the Breadline Frolics.

“Portraying the humorous side in the lives of the jobless, several score of Chicago’s unemployed are busy rehearsing for the “Breadline Frolics.” The Revue, as it is called, is to be a drab affair with no settings. Blackface acts and gags on the experiences of the jobless jam the program. This picture shows part of the “chorus” in the nightshirts they will wear as costumes. The nightclothes are the style given needy men when they spend a night at a city shelter.”

“Left to Right, J. Hank Phelps, known as the “King Bee of Little Egypt”; Jack Turner of Jeffrey, KY; William Richardson of Indianapolis and Hal Reid of Maywood, Ill.”

“Society women are managing the affair to raise funds for the jobless. ”

[Photo: Associated Press (AP), 4/14/32]

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2 comments on “you are here

  1. Wow you are an amazing writer! Just saying……..So nice to get your message..still makes me smile to think of your bravery……So many people cannot be brave……..Tess

    • Hi Tess! I’m finally back after my meltdown. Ah how I love the upsides though!!! I’ve been riding the ‘purge’ side of my bulimic collecting and I have energy to burn. Funny that I enjoy getting rid of things as much as I enjoy getting them.

      So lovely of you, thanks!

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