Corporations are not People too: HMO’s

Why the hell do I use an HMO anyway?

It was a very difficult decision for me to switch from Medicare to a Medicare HMO. I’ve known for a very long time how evil HMO’s are. I felt guilty subscribing to something I was so politically opposed to and I’ve felt guilty about it every day since. HMO’s profit from denying people health services. HMO’s kill people.

The reason I finally switched is typical: I was trapped between a rock and a hard place. I could no longer afford the huge Medicare co-pays. It took me a year to compare all of the available HMO plans. I knew how each one was screwing people in detail. I wrote a detailed comparison of each plan’s costs and posted the results on the only relevant site I could think of at the time: the AARP site. Where no-one paid any attention to anything I said about plan costs and consequences.

Sure, Health Net saves me money. For now. But in the long run, when everyone is enrolled in some sort of HMO plan, you can be sure no-one will be saving any money. Except for those denied treatment for some life threatening medical condition because, of course, they’ll be dead.

The state of health care in the USA is outrageous and that people fight against establishing some sort of national health care system is just so… selfish. So short-sighted. So out of touch with reality.

Balancing the budget, particularly here in Arizona, is being accomplished by population cleansing: Cut as many services as possible for the mentally ill (and then act shocked when someone is shot in the head), the elderly, the disabled, the poor and hope they either die or go away. Far far away.

For those who feel that way, here is a visit from The Ghost of Your Life (Future). Who also happens to be The Ghost of My Life (Past):

You keel over from massive heart failure in your 40s and are barely able to dress yourself for a year.

You lose your job because you were sick and can’t get another because you’re ‘too old’ or ‘wouldn’t be satisfied with the salary we could pay you’ or ‘you don’t have typical office skills.’

Your health insurance runs out, your savings run out, you lose your car and then your home.

Your life changes completely in a second and that you become one of ‘those people’ who are ‘living off the government.’

You find yourself, after working for 35 years paying taxes high enough to support a family of 10 you’d never met, shit out of luck when it comes to getting any help yourself because your taxes went into the pockets of crooked politicians.

So many don’t really grasp the fact that their lives turn on a penny (yes, it used to be a dime but in this economy…). You are not irreplaceable. You could be the next person losing your job, your health, your home.

You can change your future starting now.

Wise up. Rise up.

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