Update on Arizona Health Net / United Health Care Fraudulent Transfer Applications

Although all fraudulent applications were dated Dec 21, I just received a letter from United Health Care yesterday stating they’d received my application for enrollment in their AARP Medicare Advantage Plan. If I did not want to be enrolled in AARP I should call immediately. Which I did.

I told the person at UHC that I thought I’d had this problem settled but perhaps not. When I asked to check that I had been disenrolled because I’d never applied she said ‘Oh, it’s one of those applications.’ I said ‘This seems to be happening to everyone in Arizona enrolled in a Health Net Medicare plan.’ She replied ‘Apparently so. There are at least 900 applications so far.’

On Dec 21, a Heath Net Supervisor told me 200-300. Now someone on the switchboard at UHC says it’s at least 900. Still no official public statement about this situation and the numbers involved from either United Health Care of Health Net.

I have filed a complaint with the Arizona Board of Insurance and encourage others affected to do the same.

I also encourage everyone to request an extension of the Identity Theft Protection and Credit Monitoring that was given by HealthNet to customers following the ‘lost disk’ incident in 2009.

Connecticut filed a class action lawsuit against Health Net and United Health Care following that incident yet Arizona never filed against them.

Perhaps it’s time for a class action suit.

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