Firefox 9.01 Crashes Fix (or How I Spent My New Year’s Eve Day)

After days of misery following my update to FF v9 and then v9.01 I decided it was either going to be fixed or I was returning to v8.

The constant freezes (that also froze my computer), the slow page loads, the crashes, the start up error messages (“severe error”!!!) had worn me down.

I did the usual stuff: Safe Mode, checked all my add-ons one by one, checked my plug-ins, etc but nothing helped. Until I found this post on the Firefox Help Forum early this evening:

Firefox crashes: Please fix this bug below. Firefox 9.01 crashing every 15-30 minutes.

And it worked for me the way it worked for them. No more freezes, crashes, start up error messages so apparently there is still some bug in v9 that was not fixed by v9.01.

Don’t know how to do what they say to do? Here’s how:

1. Instead of a link, type in the box: about:config (with no spaces). You’ll get a warning but just click the button:

2: Search for “javascript” and look for the two entries noted in the link and shown highlighted in the cap below:

3. The ‘Value’ Column shows ‘true’ for both which means they are enabled. To disable them, double-click on each line and the “Value” will change to ‘false.’:

Close the about:config tab because you’re all done. That’s it. Simple.

Close and reopen Firefox.

Hope this works for someone else having these frustrating problems.

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