Posted Elsewhere July 16, 2008 & June 25, 2010: AZ Dental Hell (or ‘The Case of the Purloined Posts’)

[NOTE: Please do not ask me for further information on persons or places from these old posts. I also will not give anyone a name or advice on lawyers. If you need general information on assistance sites or would like general ‘how to’ or ‘what can I expect?’ info I’d be more than happy to help. Thanks.]

Dental Disaster? Don’t Bite the Bullet, Bite Back!

It really ticks me off to be censored without notice and without valid or legal reasons. On the site where I’d originally posted this information I had all blog posts open to the public. When I looked last year (?), the first post from 2008 had been changed to ‘members only’ with no additional comments allowed. Eventually the post just… vanished. Until now. Thanks to the Wayback Machine and pages cached by search engines, not much on the web is ever gone forever.

The second post dated June 25, 2010 is still on that site but has been changed by powers unknown to be viewable only by me. Since it’s still there (for now) along with all comments posted before it was made non-public by who knows who, I’m including a screen cap of that also.

Though legally bound not to speak further on this matter after a certain date when a certain agreement was reached, this post (and others) had been posted prior to that date. I consulted my attorney and was advised that prior statements were not subject to the newly imposed conditions. I was satisfied since I’d written about the matter and had given ‘progress reports’ as time went on.

The info is important (to me at least) and possibly to anyone who might not know what to do after a dental disaster. Look before you leap into any kind of dental treatment. Make sure you Scroogle or Google or Bing for information first. What you find out about certain “professionals” may surprise and even shock you. All AZ Dental Board Hearings, Sanctions, Dentist and Dental Professional Records are public and online (including mine):

Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners

My original post not subject to legally imposed silence: “Finally… Dental Village, Tucson, PAYS UP!!! State Dental Board Case OVER!!! Lawsuit in Progress!!! FIGHT BACK!!!! Jul 16, ’08 5:10 PM” can be viewed via The Wayback Machine and/or the Gigablast Cached Page (the 8 comments on that post are no longer available for viewing) and in this screen cap of the WayBack cache:

And since it was obviously public when posted in 2010, here is the follow-up which has been changed to viewable only by me:

And that’s that.

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