Out of the Closet: My Mr. Jack in the Box (Jack Box) Fetish

Since my life is not all about aerospace…

Vitruvian Mr. Box

Vitruvian Jack

I have never in my life looked at a man and thought, “I want a piece of that.” Until this past year. Not that I want a piece of that exactly. I just want to follow Manu Chao and the Michael character from Burn Notice around (not the actor, the character) and lick their bare chests. Or something like that. It’s still a bit unclear since they’re not my type.

This all began with the Jack In The Box™ commercials man… aka Jack Box®. About a year ago I suddenly had a yen to see him wearing only his Mr. Box head. I wanted to see naked Jack on my TV.

After spending two years on IRC back in the early-mid ’90s I was sure there was no fetish I’d not heard about. In great detail. So I went searching for like-minded Mr. Box pervs. None to be found! Surely I wasn’t the only one! Or was I?

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Fear of Flying, Ch 4: I Get Promoted

Sorry, I’ve been distracted by life and some odd occurrences since I began writing this. My daughter says she would be creeped out but I find it amusing…

I was here: I’d finally had my “Eureka” moment and The Company’s (TC‘s) new “Package Delivery” customer had received IPCs (Illustrated Parts Catalogs) for planes with passenger doors. Also amusing.

For the next two years I wrote IPCs. During that time I was extremely lucky to work with two of the best Job Set Up people at The Company (TC).

The first was a retired military guy and though I never expected to get along with anyone who’d been career military, I both liked and admired him. When I worked with his son after my promotion I felt the same about him. They were very rare human beings. They lived and worked by ethical codes. Which means, of course, that neither of them got very far in aerospace.

The second was a divorced housewife who was funny, excellent at her job and, like the military man before her, was a wonderful teacher of not just work-related things but of life lessons. I once asked her why she stayed at The Company (TC) instead of going to a place that paid good money. She said she’d done that once but was so bored by the slow pace at the bigger company that she’d come back.

I found that to be true for most of the capable people who worked at TC, the few sprinkled here and there among the throngs of idiots with pencils. Almost all had left once and come back. It’s something I also found to be true when I later worked at big companies (one military and one combo military and commercial aircraft). [The ‘slow pace’ at large aerospace corporations was not due to lax contracts. It was due to thievery, lies, greed and cronyism.] I’ll get to those jobs eventually.

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